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Petworth Cottage Nursing Home

We were approached by Petworth Cottage Nursing Home to transform an underused reception room into a warm and inviting space for visitors. The room, previously a ward in the original cottage hospital, enjoys views to Petworth House, boasts excellent proportions yet its cold blue decor attracted clutter rather than visitors.

On seeing the room we had an instant feeling for what the new colour scheme should be and very quickly identified a darker less used corner of the room as the ideal location for a large built in cupboard to accommodate wheel chairs and hoists. It was important for the new cupboard to be integrated as seamlessly as possible and appear part of the room. By building a new bookcase into the return wall and carrying the picture rail around the cupboard we were able to achieve this. The remaining floor space provided amply for a variety of seating to suit people dining, reading or just relaxing and crucially not on top of one another so more than one family could use the room at the same time. Reinstating the fireplace creates a much needed focal point and new chandeliers work in tandem with down lights, floor and table lamps to provide a flexible lighting scheme.


Kent Carehome

Our client purchased this property keen to make some structural changes to improve the natural light and the flow in the space. Having an open plan sitting room space was high on his agenda. The original layout comprised a modest sitting room and a corridor, with an under used bedroom off it, leading to a side door. By removing the stud wall we completely opened up the space, added bi-fold doors which made the most of the natural light and the pretty orchard garden. Strategic placement of the furniture ensured that the larger space was correctly zoned with a TV area and a quieter games area.



HomeSmiths have been a key part of the delivery team for West Kent’s first Extra Care project. I have found Jacqui and the HomeSmiths team to be knowledgeable and understanding of our needs. They were an integral part of our consultation with residents and have been very responsive to specification changes and enhancements as the project has progressed. I can wholeheartedly recommend the HomeSmiths interior design team.
Fraser Ward, Development Manager, West Kent Housing Association


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