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Residential Care

We have created many schemes for residential care homes with differing needs, but the basis of the brief is always similar: “create a welcoming, safe and homely environment for our residents”.

HomeSmiths are acutely aware of how important it is for residents living in a care home to feel like it is their home. With clever use of colour, and often incorporating imagery from the local area to spark happy memories and talking points, we can turn a place of care into a home for the people living there.


The brief was complicated due to the nature of our clients. HomeSmiths researched and visited our other homes, and spoke to our managers and clients, which enabled them to produce a spectacular environment that was both homely and efficient. I consider these two homes to be probably the highest quality in the UK. The result exceeded our expectation, which is a tough call!
Mike Plant, Managing Director, Broadham Care Ltd
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