A week of variety

Wow…what a week. As the cold mornings drew in, we were well and truly launched into our busy period! Jacqui tweeted on Monday morning that David, Nikki and myself were to ‘hold on to our hats’ this week as it was going to be a busy one, and she was certainly right!

Last Friday we were given three new and exciting show homes from the largest developer in the UK. And they’re all completely different; a seaside family home, a Sussex first time buy against a woodland backdrop and a masculine penthouse apartment on the outskirts of London.

In the midst of show home fog, we still had other residential and care home projects outstanding. I was leading my first residential project for an absolutely delightful couple with really eclectic taste. The project itself wasn’t an easy one, but one I had got really stuck into. A long, narrow room oozing personality from collected knick-knacks and different types of furniture that had a mixture of strong colours to go with it. What they needed was a scheme that would encompass all of these things, bring more depth into the room and suit their personalities. I’m pleased to say I delivered. The client was thrilled with the scheme and (much to my delight!) very excited by the way we had pulled the colours together.

In a complete contrast to this I also found myself carefully choosing replacements for an existing care home, whilst Jacqui worked on a scheme for a new care home project. As is normal in this business several heads are better than one, and just as I had asked the team to become involved in the project I was leading to help me to problem solve, we all got involved in some way or another with the care home scheme. Jacqui and I were looking at different colour schemes that were different and in particular those that were warm and inviting, but weren’t too ‘out there’ because it will be a care home for the elderly. Eventually a gorgeous, warm colour palette was chosen – again colours that you wouldn’t necessarily choose together, but that bring a new lease of life into each other once married.

Another unusual job we are currently working on is a colour scheme for an external project, a completely new one for us, and one that has certainly been a challenge! Particularly on the way we would usually approach a project, perhaps because of the lack of fabrics?

Stay tuned for next week’s blog, which will see the team absorbing some new ideas from our approaching Decorex visit!


Written by Katy