Good relationships are everything in business

Coming back from a great visit with top end bathroom fittings manufacturer, Laufen in Evesham this week I was reflecting on why I enjoyed it so much.  Wonderful product unquestionably, picturesque location yes but what really made it for me was the people.  Without exception everyone there was open, friendly and authentic.  The chaps from Laufen were the ultimate hosts and Tony and Mike from Fonte dei Marmi ensured that everyone got to know each other and got the most from the day.  It was so refreshing to share ideas and experiences (good and bad!) with fellow designers.  There were no egos in the room, no one trying to score points – quite simply we all just got on and it was great.  I would add to this that the other two designers I have met on Twitter share the same collaborative attitude and it’s so healthy.  It was great to meet Karen and Nigel from Reed Harris tiles – again, people you really want to do business with.  So the point of the blog?  Well, it’s simply that dealing with like minded people – clients, associates or suppliers is a joy and makes a job less of a job.  The old adage of people buy from people is so true and never more so these days with so much automation. To me, making an effort to get to know people and build relationships in business is so important yet it does seem that listening, giving, thanking are qualities that sometimes seem to get forgotten in the hectic pace of our lives.  I get a real buzz from developing rapport with clients, working with suppliers who want to understand our business, connecting people and seeing relationships flourish.  Authenticity, collaboration and quite simply, being nice! – it’s the way forward!