Kerb Appeal

The message of first impressions count when marketing your property is hardly a new one. No one wants to spend pots of money before moving. Yet there are some things you can do with relatively little expense that really will create the impact you want at viewings.

  • A tidy front garden, clean windows and a smart front door will fill your buyer with confidence the minute they arrive on your doorstep.
  • Investing in a really deep clean is well worth the time or money. Before viewings throw open the windows to ensure that everywhere is well aired and fresh especially rarely used rooms and teenagers’ bedrooms.
  • Clearing the clutter not only makes a room feel bigger it enables viewers to appreciate its true potential. Piles of belongings will also draw attention to a lack of storage space. This is particularly relevant in the hall so cull the coats! the more floor space you have on show, the more spacious the room feels.
  • Make the key spaces work for you and that all rooms are well defined. Kitchens, bathrooms and master bedrooms when well presented will sell themselves. If you have spare rooms or dead spaces in the house, identify them as much as possible; turn a spare room into a guest room or an under stairs space into a study area. You may be using the dining room as a spare bedroom but it’s important to allow every room to show its original purpose.
  • Decorating in neutral colours in key areas will broaden the appeal of your home when it comes to sale. I’m not advocating magnolia everywhere – just toning down in key areas.
  • Lighting is a great tool. Combine table lamps with softer general lighting to create most ambiance and switch them on for viewings…. though be selective. A house ablaze with lighting from all directions could suggest that you are masking a natural light issue. Light switches attract the dirt and buyers will notice grubby switches so make sure that these are added to the cleaning to-do list.
  • Since windows are a real focal point in a room, dress your curtains, replace missing hooks, rings etc and keep the sills as clear as possible. Stacking them well back off the window will maximise the light in the room too.
  • Finish off any half started DIY jobs. painful but necessary.
  • Make the most of your outside spaces by pruning shrubs, planting pots with seasonal flowers and re-painting the shed if it needs it. When we sold our last house I dug out some photographs of our garden at ist spring/summer best to show potential customers.
  • Finally fresh flowers in the hall or sitting room are to me a must – great for viewings and some guilt free floral indulgence for you!