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Artist Inspired, Neutral Sitting Room

Project Description

Artist Inspired, Neutral Sitting Room

Having lived in the US for a while and worked at the Cranbrook Art Museum in Michigan, our client was keen to bring some of the Saarinen House colours into their sitting room scheme. These earthy tones work perfectly with the brick tones of the fireplace which we fitted with discrete feature lights for a different aesthetic in the evening. Art Deco touches were added with the dark wooden trim on the tub chairs and the black band contrast leading edge on the curtains. The silk and linen mix fabric we used in the curtains is from James Hare. The curtains are fitted on a corded Metropole with a contrast black band on the leading edge, echoing the detailing on the tub chairs. The sofas were bespoke upholstered in a Linwood fabric and each carefully chosen to accommodate the varying leg length of the family.

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