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Staplehurst – Gresham House

Project Description

Staplehurst – Gresham House 

This Kent residential care home interior design reflects the peaceful green, semi rural setting. Gresham House in Staplehurst is a care home accommodating young people with learning disabilities and specific needs. The client brief was that this home needed to be comfortable and calm, yet durable.

The original layout comprised a modest sitting room and a corridor, with a bedroom off it, leading to a side door. By removing the stud wall we completely opened up the space, added bi-fold doors which made the most of the natural light and the pretty orchard garden. Strategic placement of the furniture ensured that the larger space was correctly zoned with a TV area and a quieter games area.  Whilst the client was losing a bedroom on the ground floor, the attic was converted at the same time to create two new resident rooms.  The larger, lighter communal lounge transformed the ground floor and provided a space with flexible use for a variety of activities.

Our ongoing work with this client has seen us re-design and re-furbish many of their homes across the South East.

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