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Residential Care

HomeSmiths are acutely aware of how important it is for those living in residential care to feel like it is their home. For many residents moving out of their family home and into a care home for the first time, the change can be huge so how the home looks and feels when they first come in will make an enormous difference to how they settle. With clever use of colour, well thought through lighting, consideration of acoustics, furniture and furnishings with a domestic feel and art and imagery from the local area to spark happy memories and talking points, we can turn a place of care into a home for the people living there. More and more of our clients are looking at ways to connect with the local community. Creating spaces that promote this and support intergenerational activities is growing ever more important. Our schemes are designed with residents, carers and visitors in mind. Inclusive design benefits everyone.

Residential Care Home Bar Area

Celebrations Room at Henley Manor. Photo credit to Hallmark Care Homes

Meet & Greet Room at Henley Manor Care Home

Meet & Greet Room at Henley Manor. Photo credit to Hallmark Care Homes


‘Oxford Architects have recently worked with HomeSmiths on the interior design for a residential care home project in Oxford. Their friendly, professional, and pro-active team had a positive attitude and were open to honest collaboration. During the design stage, they carefully considered the needs of their target audience and welcomed feedback which resulted in the completed overall look and feel desired by the client. We have developed a good working relationship with HomeSmiths and that is something we hope to be able to continue doing on other projects in the future.’
Jeannine Baker-Wilson, Associate, Oxford Architects
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