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Project Description

Barnham Manor

This privately run residential care and nursing home in West Sussex benefits from stunning landscaped gardens which the residents love.  The scheme for the communal lounge and dining refurbishment was drawn from the greens and berry tones of the planting, connecting the inside with the outside, all year round.  We commissioned a bespoke botanical curtain fabric and a coordinating tartan to feature in some of the upholstery.  As an active and busy environment, the layout was designed with flexibility in mind with furniture easy to move, to support the various functions.  The long and narrow room is now broken up with clusters of seating forming both a library and TV area with a generous amount of seating by the window, to make the most of the garden views.  To support residents living with dementia and age related sight loss, the furniture clearly contrasts with the floor, and the skirting contrast with the flooring.  The vinyl floor surface in the dining area has been selected in a similar tone to the carpet in the lounge so that the tonal transition between surfaces is smooth which avoids the illusion of a step for residents living with depth perception challenges.

Dining area of nursing home

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