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The Lindsay – Primetower Properties

Dementia friendly design is about creating a homely and non-institutional environment, one that is safe and comfortable, promotes social interaction and puts people at their ease.  Good lighting and colour contrasting critical surfaces are key and importantly the design should be inclusive, ie cater for the needs of a person with dementia yet not look specially designed in anyway and sit comfortably with carers and visitors.  This 6 storey new build dementia home in Poole, Dorset offers nursing and residential care as well as care apartments on the top floor.  The architectural style of the building is Georgian which is reflected in the joinery detailing throughout the home and the style of the furniture. Each of the five communal lounges are designed around a tartan which we incorporated into the upholstery and this colour palette was extended out to the corridor colour scheme on each floor.  The communal spaces on the ground floor include cafe, library, cinema room, hobbies room and dining room as well as the main lounge. This care home has since be bought by BUPA.

 Dementia friendly design Dementia friendly design


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    Client Testimonial

    ‘Praise where praise is due.  For me this starts with the actual relationship we have formed with Jacqui and David.  It has been built on their complete understanding of what we set out to achieve in terms of the feel and concept that we offer to our residents and their families.  Our moto is “providing quality care”, and the interiors had to reflect this, both in terms of aesthetics, and functionality.  They also had to have the ability to attract the level of resident we aspired to, and Jacqui was very quick to grasp what I wanted.  The whole HomeSmiths team have always acted professionally, been courteous and humorous. Jacqui and David were always full of ideas, over a long and indeed quite stressful year (because projects of this size always are).  All of this without anyone being overly protective of the design, showing what good team players they are; this was very important to me.  Having worked with a few designers, there is always a point where there is potential for a clash, however this never happened with HomeSmiths.  Indeed I felt they worked hand in hand with our design team throughout.  We could simply not have asked for more in terms of forming a relationship, one that we hope will lead onto more projects. In terms of Jacqui’s expertise, she took on board the issues with dementia, poor eyesight, mobility etc. and in all things she understood our needs and those of our residents.  To this end we have received no end of compliments from families, residents and many professionals. As the owner I could not be more satisfied.  Please accept this as my personal thanks for the time, effort and pure professionalism shown on The Lindsay.’ 

    John Yeoman, CEO, Primetower Properties
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