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Reception Rooms

Reception room, sitting room, living room, lounge… whatever you call your reception room it is likely to be where you spend a lot of your time whilst at home. HomeSmiths understand that a reception room needs to be multipurpose. A place to relax is of course paramount, but entertaining, playing games and spending time with family come high on the list. With a strong understanding of colour psychology and space planning, and well established relationships with suppliers, you can be assured that the main space in your home will be transformed.


I had already chosen a purple wallpaper and needed Jacqui’s expert help, and good eye for colour, to find curtain and upholstery fabrics to bring the scheme together. However when she returned a week later with some beautiful fabrics we realised that the marble of the fireplace we had had chosen ourselves and installed in the meantime, and the chandelier that we had put up did not really go with a purple scheme at all! I felt slightly panicked as we had decorators booked the following week and now it seemed we either had to rip out the fireplace or start a new scheme from scratch.

Fortunately Jacqui was able to think on her feet and in a few minutes had come up with a great plan. As I loved the purple scheme, she suggested transferring it to the dining room which is to be done at a later date, and I agreed that it would look fabulous in there. Then she looked at our sofa (cream) that we didn’t want to change, our fireplace – greyish marble, and the chandelier – silver and glass, and said why don’t we do a teal and silver scheme instead. I love teal so was excited to see what Jacqui would come up with. A week later she came round to show me what she had put together. I was so thrilled with the results I gave her a massive hug!

Jacqui had found a stunning wallpaper which was silver that was so elegant and had exactly the ‘wow factor’ I wanted for our formal, kid-free, living room. To bring the scheme together she had found a sumptuous teal crushed velvet to recover the armchairs in, some luxurious heavy silk/wool mix fabric in teal for the curtains with a contrasting brown material for the leading edge to tie in with the brown in the wallpaper. Jacqui had also found some materials for cushions on the sofa and pale silver round silk cushions to place on the armchairs. She suggested that we should paint the fireplace area in a deep teal which matched the teal in the wallpaper exactly. She even suggested a very pale carpet which would finish the room off to perfection.

The room was then decorated and furnished and the result is superb – better than anything I could have put together on my own as I don’t think I would have been brave or confident enough to use such bold colours or been able to put the finishing touches in that pull the whole scheme together. We are thrilled with the room and guests have been very impressed by it too. Thanks Homesmiths for pulling this room out of the bag in a very short space of time!

Liz and Richard, Lindfield, West Sussex
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