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We offer our residential clients unfussy yet sophisticated, practical yet elegant interior design through a range of services; from ideas on a pair of curtains or colour scheme in a single room, to new bathrooms and kitchen extensions, to a total home re-design.

How We Work

Whilst we are always happy to start with a totally blank canvas, we often work with clients to perfect a room, removing the aspects that don’t work, while retaining all that they love about the space. We then focus our expertise on the key areas needing attention, be it lighting, layout, colour, furniture, soft furnishings or flooring. The result for our clients is a fresh look that still feels like their home without having been too “designed”. If you are looking for a total re-design then we can source and manage an entire project on your behalf if you have neither the time nor the inclination. We are extremely flexible – you can use us for as little or as much of your project as you like. We want you to feel relaxed and comfortable from the minute you invite us into your home. We like to listen and to understand your needs so we can present you with what you want. Our clients tell us that our involvement is reassuring rather than overpowering. At our first meeting, we come to your home to learn about how you live and what you would like us to help you achieve. We can come armed with fabrics and plenty of suggestions. We hold a wide range of curtain and upholstery fabrics and can supply a fantastic selection of chairs, sofas, chaise and footstools. At our second meeting we will present the proposed design along with samples and clearly defined costs. It is important to us that you are absolutely comfortable with the fee structure so we can either agree a fixed project fee or charge by the hour, whichever you prefer.

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