Dementia Action Alliance – Haywards Heath

As the town of Haywards Heath works towards its dementia friendly status, I am excited to be taking over as Chair.  Set up in January 2016, Haywards Heath Dementia Action Alliance is formed of members, local residents and professionals who by working together are raising awareness of dementia and helping to build a dementia friendly community within the town.  The alliance is here to provide information on local resources and support facilities and to encourage people with dementia, as well as their carers to access the support available to them.  We want people living with dementia to feel part of the wider community and live as independently as possible.  A town which understands dementia and how it affects day to day life can support those living with the condition.  Local businesses can help in a variety of ways, including ensuring that entrances and exits are clearly marked and visible, signage is understandable and featuring Dementia Friends sessions within their staff training programme.  By working together across the town we can absolutely achieve Dementia Friendly status for Haywards Heath.

Our current membership includes community groups, faith groups, schools and colleges, libraries, retailers, charities as well as healthcare and social care providers.  Membership is free and open to anyone.  We have some exciting plans for 2019 so if you would like to know more then please contact me at

For more information on the alliance please contact  You can also follow them on Twitter at @HaywardsHthDFC and on Facebook at @HaywardsHeathDAA


Jacqui Smith

Interior Designer and Chair of Haywards Heath Dementia Action Alliance